East Hall High School | 3534 E Hall Rd., Gainesville , GA


August 12, 2016

Athletic Director's Message


           My name is Adam Rich, nad I have the pleasure of serving as the Athletic Director of East Hall High School. We sponsor 16 interscholastic programs. Our overall approach and philosophy that drives our department are linked directly to our district and school mission. That mission seeks to provide rigor, character and competency for all. We accomplish this mission by providing every student, every chance, every day to reach his or her fullest potential and achieve his or her maximum growth as an individual. Our staff believes that a student's participation in interscholastic athletics influences a student's mental, spiritual, physical and emotional development. We believe in the total education of the student-athlete. We also truly believe that athletics serve as an integral part in the total curriculum and is reflective of the school's overall mission.

      We have a long history of accomplishments from conference, region, and state titles, but we are far more than an accumulation of wins. We are a school that is rich in a tradition that ushers in honor and determination in everything we do. Winning definitely brings a community together, but even more important are the life lessons learned through the participation in athletics that students can carry into the community.

     We have a student enrollment of 1250 students that is very diverse and is reflective of our community makeup. Our East Hall community includes parents, coaches, teachers, administrators and fans who have provided undying support to all our teams over the years. Our community has high expectations regarding sportsmanship and leadership. As a result, our coaches and student-athletes become the expected standard of what represents the positive attributes of our community.

      We are looking forward to another great year here at East Hall High School, and we welcome newcomers and those returning in sharing in the celebration of our successes as well as picking us up when we fall. GO VIKINGS!!!  Welcome to Valhalla!

If you have any questions regarding our athletic program please to not hesitate to call me at 850-556-3895.