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8th Annual TFS Harrier Harvest

Date & Time:

10/15/2019 @ 04:30 PM


The 8th Annual TFS Harrier Harvest is Tuesday, October 15th. This is a high school only meet. The 5k course will have a hay bale jump on miles 1,2, and 3 and a very short "maze" before the third hay bale jump. The idea is to competitively "experience" the fall atmosphere in a cross country setting.

4:30 Var Boys (Top 10)

5:00 Var Girls (Top 10)

5:30 Combined JV

6:15 Awards

Awards: "World's Best Apple Pie" to Team Winners: Pumpkin Pies to number 1 individual winners and individual awards to 2nd through 10th place finishers.

Course map will be provided. Can also be view here:

Course is all grass 5k; same course Piedmont College created and uses.

Concessions will be sold. Parking is free!

Address/Directions to the TFS Farm Course. (NOTE: The meet is NOT at the high school but across the street from the middle school. BUS PARKING IS AT THE MS.


The Farm Course - Tallulah Falls, GA (Driving Directions)